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 Birthed out of a caring desire to improve the daily quality of life of impoverished South Africans, Original Tea Bag Designs produces a range of high quality, innovative, handmade products, which are creatively unique. Supported by a Christian ethos, partnerships are built on trust. Tea Bag Designs unlocks Self Worth and Realises Dreams. 

Original T-Bag Designs makes ‘Functional Art’ out of recycled tea bags. Used tea bags are dried, emptied, ironed then painted! Each artist has their own individual styles and patterns. There may be similarities, but no one painted tea bag is ­identical.  These miniature works of art are then applied to stationary, wooden items like boxes, trays and coasters and even fabric items! For a group of previously disadvantaged people in Hout Bay near Cape Town, South Africa, one cup of tea has indeed provided community, love, excitement and financial security.

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